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3 easy ways to check balance in SBI account with phone.

3 easy ways to check balance in SBI account with phone.

If you are a State bank of india user .then you can check your balance / mini statement / UPI transfer/ and many electronic services ..
Here we will know about balance and ministatement ...
1:- INB (internet banking) 

You can veiw your pass book update with use of your internet banking ...
   Ensure you are existing user ...
And if you have not registered with INB facility then you can apply for it ..with some wasy step ...click here https://www.t3chrevolution.com/2018/04/Internetbanking.html?m=1

2:- SBI anywhere App

You can download and install it from google play store ...
 And login with your internet banking user id .

You will get some xtra facilities ..in this app 
         UPI transfer
         View passbook
         Account summery 
        E - request
      And many more 

3 :- ATM machine

As we know we can check balance at ATM . But we adhere to know we can use more facilities via ATM machine ..
       Mini statement 
       Mobile recharge
       Update aadhar 
       Balance transfer
       Update mobile number 
       Change password of INB 

4:- SMS * mobile banking ..

SBI Quick – MISSED CALL BANKING is a free service from the Bank where in you can get your Account Balance, Mini Statement and more just by giving a Missed Call or sending an SMS with pre-defined keywords to pre-defined mobile numbers from your registered mobile number. Please ensure that your mobile number is updated in your account to be able to register for this service

If you have an Android, Windows, iOS or Blackberry phone, you can download SBI Quick app from the respective App Store. SBI Anywhere can avail SBI Quick facility in the pre-login section. With this app you need not remember the various keywords and destination mobile numbers. Once app is installed, internet connection is not required to use SBI Quick, as the communication would happen over SMS or Missed Call. Note that mobile app is not mandatory for using this facility.
Send SMS, ‘REG<space>Account Number’ to 09223488888
      e.g. REG 12345678901
from the registered mobile no for that particular account. Confirmation message will be received indicating successful/unsuccessful registration.

If successful then you can start using the services.

If unsuccessful:
Check the SMS format and destination mobile number

Ensure that your mobile number from which the SMS is sent, is updated with the Bank for that account number. If not, visit your Branch and update the same.

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